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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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my lyrics
iconz by rouk
people want to know the lyrics to my songs, so i guess i should start typing them out.
so, i'll just keeping adding to this post as i find the time to type them.
part of me really hates to separate the words from the music, as these aren't meant to be read, but to be sung...
and there is a huge difference between reading and singing, as everyone knows.
so i just want everyone to know that these lyrics are not poems. they are not complete in and of themselves, it's like head without a body or vice versa, and their true meaning cannot really be understood unless you hear them sung in the context of the song.

firstly, here are the lyrics to:

"please god"

please god
touch me or
send me an angel to fuck me
dress him in leather pants and
give him a sense of humour

please god
oh holy
i've been a good girl mostly
so could you send some
money money money i'm
out of ammunition

please god
could you shine your light upon me and
i'll take several pairs of those shoes in
red vinyl black and blue suede blue , ya

well, i ain't never done wrong to a man that
didn't deserve a hole in his brain now
i've been living on a thin thin dollar and
learning my lessons through hunger and pain so

send me an angel to fuck me
send me an angel to fuck me
send me an angel to fuck me
send me an angel

please god
kiss me
and would please turn up that jazz
it makes me feel so cool cool cool when ya
slide that ice up my dress, oh

please god
could you lick down my spine as i
die in a slick white t bird
that explodes into beautiful flames


some people get really all upset about the idea of a human fucking an angel, which i find really hilarious since that is how the "virgin" mary got impregnated in the 1st place, according to many religions, etc. but i guess she wasn't supposed to find any pleasure in that? perhaps the angel who impregnated mary was a really bad fuck. i mean, the least the angel could have done before impregnating her (seemingly against her will) is at least give her a few good orgasms before leaving with the burden of having to give birth to the son of god in a freaking barn.) anyway, people need to get a sense of humour about god. because obviously god has one or we would not have things like giraffes and the duck billed platypus.



the angels are kissing all the snakes
and all the different sounds they make
each sound it makes another colour
which halos round the serpent mother
they coil around their arms like bracelets
and all the snakes are smiling

the snakes are kissing all the angels
and in their wings they're getting tangled
tickling shiny tails of copper
not even god would want to stop her
laughing from their tiny tongues
the angels all are smiling

hey hey hello
the the tangled angelsnakedance
didn't you know that they are best of friends?
the angels taught the snakes to fly
and the serpents got the angels high
and you can seek the reason why
but wouldn't you rather dance?

now as the sun goes down on rivers
it's fire courts the water, kiss her
this angel whipsers lucky kisses
to you, the snake, that charmed her wishes
and you can throw them to the sky
but wouldn't you rather dance?

there is no good or evil
there is no right or wrong
there's you
and i



oh god have mercy
oh god forbid
that i should own my body
and live as though i did

he called me the exhibitionist
he said what's mine was HIS.
he called me the exhibitionist
and that's sick that's sick that's sick

oh god have mercy
send me to a shrink
'cause i adorn my body
despite what men think

he called me the exhibitionist
an attention seeking shame
he said i was a disrespect to him
and my freedom caused him pain

exhibit a, b, see me
can you see
can you see
can you see

ah, unrequited love...gotta love it...or not.. :)


they can bury all my words
poke my eyes with little birds
stick their finger up in there
and bring their friends for all i care

'cause i'm gone, gone, gone

la de da

brandishing complete control
i throw my head into a hole
drown my feelings in the seas
for my love is more than these

and i'm gone, gone, gone

obsessed maybe

balancing this
wish for a delicate kiss
temperance was never my forte

la de da

every night the stars in me
entwine the trees with songs for thee
get me drunk on shitty wine
for i've found my valentine

and i'm gone, gone gone...


telepathic you


you banana undustanda
comprehend my silly manna
copa copa co cabana
filly really glam japania

i , you
my eye
on you
truly true
doobie do
allah flora you
telepathic you

mya name est paradoxia
eloquente belle intoxia
hypnotize a way you blinker me
dolphin mantara keytastrophe

i you
my eye on you
silver hue
back to you
magicka knew
telepathic you

alphabeta tete surpriser
01010 compriser
tricky ballet day enhancer
don't you get it?
i'm a dancer



backwards to touch your nose
see your smile in alabaster rows
sew a scene in any season
choose a theme
then change your reason

redefine fine
you can
change your mind
to find it

backwards to find a space
cut your hair to change your place
break your windows to let in air
you can't hear 'cause you're not there

redefine time
read between the rhymne
to find it

backwards to get a head
you'll understand this when you're dead
listen to intuition
it's yours to build your wishin'

your mind
you can change time
to find it



ok then.

you are the darker star that makes me breathe faster
'til i feel i could fall into light alabaster
you are a circular i wish i could painter
over and over her beyond very later

i'm terrified.
la la la la.

i draw you on into the bath to the ceiling
then trace every circular with wild flying feeling
i call on the wind of the east to please carry

my message of loveliness from the heart of a faerie

i'm terrified.
very terrified.
very la la la la

1, 2, 3, 4,
i could go on and on about this
5, 6, 7
but it won't do any good at all
8, 9, 10,
it's a long story so i guess all i can do (blah blah blah)
is just count
until it's over

or something...

i'm terrified.
la la la la



i'm moving
if i could i'd be a star for you
come for me
i'll be in the screening room for you, baby
kissing you like it's real

i'm reeling
of i could i'd be a film for you
project on me
i'll be the girl on the other side, honey
reflect on me
i'll be the scene that blows up the sky, honey
burning up like it's real

i'm moving
in hollywood
i'll meet you on the other side

i'm movie-ing


spoons for seven

i live all my dreams outloud
turn this silent firefly to sound

stars, stones, soup, silk, snakes
see to heaven
knives, forks, plates, cups, spoons
set for seven

i live all my dreams outloud
turn this silent firefly to sound

frogs, fruit, flies, fish, fans
free for heaven
knives, forks, plates, cups, spoons
set for seven

spoons set for seven
eight nine ten 11

i live all my dreams outloud
turn this silent firefly to sound
cats, ants, hats, wax, bats
laugh in heaven
knives, forks, plates, cups, spoons
set for eleven

ten, nine, 8, seven.


beautiful hysterical

i could fly open

beautiful hysterical, yes
i want it i want it i want it

i can see peonies screaming white
i feel the real deal like pin pricked night
i want it

i touch the tip of an angel's ecstasy as it

here, here, here
i am

beautiful beautiful hysterical
i want it i want it i want it

i can taste the edges of your fingers

i can tension when i'm in that car with you
i want it

i can wish that i felt no shame when i think of your mouth

here, here, here
i am

tell me a story and please do not end 'til i fall asleep
your tongue skipping words like stones across lakes makes me

let me, let me, let me
paint your fingernails someday in return
but you won't even let me touch your hand
it's so sad

oh, it's so sad.


i could fly



ashes in my hair
lashes in my stare
faeries never tell
cherries red as hell

you can't tell me how and where to shine
i'll dance in the broken room naked as the wind in bloom

diving down the hole
finding what i stole
crayons red and green
drawing into me

you can't tell me how and when to shine
i'll dance in the broken room naked as the wind in bloom

i dress up in velvet and plastic jewels
lipstick smears and eyeshadow shoes
i lift up my dress and trip on the stares
i smile incorrectly at tigers and bears
i reach for the crayons but pull out a gun
i shoot at my brother who's blocking my sun
i search for my sister but find my daughter
i spill all the glitter back to the water


stories in my eye
lightning makes me sigh
chalice turns to rust
treasure in the dust

you can't tell me how and where to shine
i'll dance in the broken room naked as the wind in bloom


blasting xtc

(this is my tribute love song to the band XTC.
this is the colin version. i also have an andy version i didn't record yet)

i will never ever leave
windy grasses which they weave
tales of gardens i believe
drowning in their blackest sea
headphones blasting XTC

and a thousand umbrellas with ladybugs all in flames
hit a run away rocket that hissed as it hit the train
spilling mermaids and alchemists kissing inside my brain

i fly how far it flows
surround with sound that grows
into a tiger kite that blows away

closest as i'll ever be
to language spoken into me
wake me up with NRG
sgt. rock will set me free
headphones blasting XTC

and a thousand umbrellas with ladybugs all in flames
hit a run away rocket that hissed as it hit the train
spilling mermaids and alchemists kissing inside my brain

my senses never stop
when i hear "this is pop"
i dance to my stereo blasting XTC

bop bop an bu-dop
this is pop!


breathe you out

i shed all my layers of you
i breathe you out and start anew
i breathe you out.

i've got a gun
i shoot at the sun
give me a mile
give me a trial
lay down the card
let down your guard
all that i feel
is so unreal

openings are into view
i breathe you out and start anew
i breathe you out.

i've got a plane
jump at the train
all that i need
is all i bleed
i run for the door
i fall to the floor
i see the shore
what's it all for?

i unwind the serpentine
i unwind

i shed all my layers of you
i breathe you out and start anew
i breathe you out.

all i can say
show me the day
all that i pray
to drive you away
tear up the sky
dance til i die
turn round the bend
let it all end

(sorry about the door, floor, shore, for rhyme there :)
put hey, i evolve.

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sometimes, i have completely irreverent thoughts about exactly what went down during the birth of jesus. like...were there choirs of angels' songs bursing forth from her vagina? it seems like there should be, i mean, he IS the son of god, he needs a big entrance.

Wow I adore these lyrics. Absolutely adore them all-inclusively.

I want to hear them sung now. And the music driving.

Will I go inside & outside simultaneously like with Pissing In a River, or Dancing Barefoot, or U2's Gloria, or all of Beggars Banquet, or Talking Book, or Lord Would You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz?

I wonder & WILL find out. (I think I espied some links in a post just below? Tomorrow at work!)

(I knew Haysoos in the biblical sense, in a dream, the water our bed.)

you're really good at this, ya know... of course you do.

i'm so glad i randomly stopped at a used cd store in some backwater new england town (as i was driving through five years ago heading for my sister's house) and randomly leafed through a box of cds, only to find anavoog.com mis-alphabetized.

please god is a great song on so many levels.

Exhibitionist is still one of my all time favorite songs. :) Thanks for sharing babe.

Thanks for posting this!

That's one of the reasons I love please god. Angels are horny fucks who go around plowing women all the time, giving birth to demi-gods to and fro, so why can't I have my own "Angel with benefits", right?

and man, if i cannot even have THAT can i at LEAST have some new shoes or a round of ammunition?
i mean, i'm not asking for much here, god!

I don't know if you intended this in the song, but one of the reasons I like it is because parts of it seem like a parody of what so many people ask god for. (Like shoes and money and the election of a particular official.) Don't these people think that god, if he or she exists, has more important things to worry about than this person's bank account, or how many toys they have? What, is god their personal ATM machine or sugar daddy?

ah :)
yes it was meant , in a way that way.

but when i sing it i really meant it, literally.
like..geez, god, i've been put through all this hardship in my life, unimaginable torture and horror, so fuckin' a, would it be asking too much for just some SWAG here and there? once every decade?

i mean, hey god, would it trouble you THAT much, if you are god and all, to just give me a new pair of shoes if i am going to live in this hell on earth?

i'm not asking for peace on earth, or to meet my soul mate, or to win the lottery...

i'm just saying...could i get a decent fuck just ONCE? and if not that...could i at least have some money for new ammo for my gun so i can defend myself?

(Deleted comment)
according to the bible, it indeed does say that because of sex between angels and man a race of giants was created.
i don't know the exact passage, but it defintely refers to it.

could be.
there is a whole "ranking system" according to that book.
seraphim...nephalim...la de da

god also has a sense of humor about the sea cucumber. not quite animal, not quite vegetable, looks a piece of poop that excretes, well...poop! :)

Thank you for all the effort you put into typing these. It's always good to have the lyrics on hand when you listen to a song -- it helps you avoid those embarrassing misunderstandings like Hendrix's " 'scuse me while I kiss this guy" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Swedish-a-hiker" and " there's a bathroom on the right" . ; )

I'm looking forward to your posting the rest of them.

I was just asking myself today, if you got written down your lyrics somewhere :-)
Fuckin' an angel or being fucked by one should definately give you a thunering orgasm.
That angles are able to have sex is easily proven. Lucifer is a fallen angel. An inccubus or succubus is a demon or the devil hiself having sex with you. Qed. :-)

Wow I LOVE your lyrics. I can't WAIT for you to be making music again. it's oooo lovely.

this has nothing to do with your above entry, but I thought you'd find this neat. vintage cartoons!


Sorry so random

where can i find please god online to link to a post about you and your hats?

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