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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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my music
iconz by rouk


Telepathic You --- anavoog-telepathicyou.mp3 --- 3.7M
Angelsnakedance --- anavoog-angelsnakedance.mp3 --- 3.0M
Beautiful Accident --- anavoog-beautifulaccident.mp3 --- 3.4M
Ask The Dragon --- anavoog-askthedragon.mp3 --- 3.9M
Backwards --- anavoog-backwards.mp3 - 3.7M
Please God (bleeped version) --- anavoog-pleasegod-bleepedversion.mp3 --- 3.4M
Hollywood --- anavoog-hollywood.mp3 --- 3.9M
Terrified --- anavoog-terrified.mp3 --- 2.3M
Gone --- anavoog-gone.mp3 --- 2.8M
Mother Anorexia --- anavoog-motheranorexia.mp3 --- 3.6M
La Mama Diva --- anavoog-lamamadiva.mp3 --- 3.2M
12 (shine on) --- ana_voog-12_{shine_on}.mp3 --- 78K
Shine On --- anavoog-shineon.mp3 --- 75K
I Was Waving At You --- anavoog-iwaswavingatyou.mp3 --- 9.4M

The Blue Up? - SpooL Forka Dish

Please --- The_Blue_Up-Please.mp3 --- 365K
Shine --- the blue up - spool forka dish - shine.mp3 --- 3.6M
Breathe You Out --- the blue up - spool forka dish - breathe_you_out.mp3 --- 3.0M
Feel Me Dying --- the blue up - spool forka dish - feel_me_dying.mp3 --- 3.4M
Sugar And Gold --- the blue up - spool forka dish - sugar_and_gold.mp3 --- 4.0M
Blasting XTC --- the blue up - spool forka dish - blasting_xtc.mp3 --- 2.9M
Other --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-other.mp3 --- 308K
Capture This --- the blue up - spool forka dish - capture_this.mp3 --- 3.8M
Six At 9 --- the blue up - spool forka dish - six_at_9.mp3 --- 91K
Spoons For Seven --- the blue up - spool forka dish - spoons_for_seven.mp3 --- 3.3M
Eat It 2 --- the blue up - spool forka dish - eat_it_2.mp3 --- 276K
Come Alive --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-comealive.mp3 --- 1.7M
Exhibitionist --- the blue up - spool forka dish - exhibitionist.mp3 --- 3.6M
Your Boat --- the blue up - spool forka dish - your_boat.mp3 --- 604K
Beautiful Hysterical --- the blue up - spool forka dish - beautiful_hysterical.mp3 --- 6.6M
Icing --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-icing.mp3 --- 968K

The Blue Up? - Cake And Eat It

Gena 5/Master Control --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-gena5-mastercontrol.mp3 --- 698K
Discovery --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-discovery.mp3 --- 2.8M
Come Alive --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-comealive.mp3 --- 1.7M
Deep --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-deep.mp3 - 110K
Breathe You Out --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-breatheyouout.mp3 --- 2.7M
Give Me That Key --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-givemethatkey.mp3 --- 2.2M
Fall Over --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-fallover.mp3 --- 1.7M
Operating Table --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-operatingtable.mp3 --- 267K
Disappear --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-disappear.mp3 --- 2.3M
Bite --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-bite.mp3 --- 171K
Boris The Spider --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-boristhespider.mp3 --- 1.8M
Flaring Pieces --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-flaringpieces.mp3 --- 168K
Pitch Shift --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-pitchshift.mp3 --- 360K
Do I Want To --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-doiwantto.mp3 --- 1.3M
I Won't --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-iwont.mp3 --- 2.7M
Hiss --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-hiss.mp3 --- 100K
How Can You? --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-howcanyou.mp3 --- 1.9M
Dolls/Horse Radish --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-dolls-horseradish.mp3 --- 1.8M
Flying --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-flying.mp3 --- 2.4M
Watching --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-watching.mp3 --- 1.8M
Tuesday --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-tuesday.mp3 --- 2.5M
Late Tea --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-latetea.mp3 --- 295K
Let Go --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-letgo.mp3 --- 2.5M

The Blue Up? - Introducing Sorrow

Introducing Sorrow / Dreams Are Real --- Ana_Voog_Introducing_Sorrow_and_Dreams_are_Real.mp3 --- 5.9M
With Furry And Thread --- Ana_Voog_With_Furry_and_Thread.mp3 --- 2.2M
Meadows Of Furry --- Ana_Voog_Meadows_of_Furry.mp3 --- 2.9M
Ripped To Shreds --- Ana_Voog_Ripped_to_Shreds.mp3 --- 3.5M
Where Is Day --- Ana_Voog_Where_is_Day.mp3 --- 4.0M
Sgt. Sorrow --- Ana_Voog_Sgt_Sorrow.mp3 --- 3.4M
Through The Sun --- Ana_Voog_Through_the_Sun.mp3 --- 4.1M
Never Understood --- Ana_Voog_Never_Understood.mp3 17-Nov-2004 19:50 2.6M
Animal Sea --- Ana_Voog_Animal_Sea.mp3 --- 2.4M

thanks to btripp for making all these links for me :)

Ahhh...these are beautiful...words that flay reality to the bone and reveal the inner lanscape of a dreamer....

I also have an immortal ongoing flirtation with god....in my private art...the stuff I don't show, (but is the best)...a painting of an angel coming through my bedroom doorway...with a halo of light surrounding his muscular body and trembling wings...all in dark windsor and ultramarine....

I'll dig it up and post it for you...you'll like it.

I just wandered in here...and got caught in the spidery-silkiness of your words and dreams...some kind of intuitive understanding I guess...

I would like to listen more...so I hope you don't mind if I hang around, I'm a fallen angel myself, with no sound, only my voice comes out as color.

you are an aspiration to us all...
lovely sirens fill my void
my heart lies torn and tossed on rocks
louella anna porashkova verna vogel love
but i go by the name
ana voog

in a strange moog

Ana, I bought anavoog.com when it was released and I still have it and my autographed copy of the booklet too. I love your music as well as all of your art and just wanted to say thanks for all you have done.

Holly? This is Tony- please write to me at wyrdthreads@yahoo.com- I'd love to catch up with you! How are you? How's Carly? I'm a dad now, too! Looking forward to your email.

Why two instances of (Shine On)?

I've been after more of your music for a very long time. Many years ago there was a CD sampler that was given out with the purchase of Airwalk shoes, been a fan ever since.

Thank you for being awesome!

Thank you, Ana!!
Are you still working on music these days? Just for fun?

Wish I could buy copies of the rest of your albums... I listen to ANAVOOG.COM pretty much everyday. Love it.

Links not working anymore... I have all these songs on CDs on the other side of the ocean and I was looking for the CD version of Hollywood, which is nowhere to be found online...