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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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my music
iconz by rouk


Telepathic You --- anavoog-telepathicyou.mp3 --- 3.7M
Angelsnakedance --- anavoog-angelsnakedance.mp3 --- 3.0M
Beautiful Accident --- anavoog-beautifulaccident.mp3 --- 3.4M
Ask The Dragon --- anavoog-askthedragon.mp3 --- 3.9M
Backwards --- anavoog-backwards.mp3 - 3.7M
Please God (bleeped version) --- anavoog-pleasegod-bleepedversion.mp3 --- 3.4M
Hollywood --- anavoog-hollywood.mp3 --- 3.9M
Terrified --- anavoog-terrified.mp3 --- 2.3M
Gone --- anavoog-gone.mp3 --- 2.8M
Mother Anorexia --- anavoog-motheranorexia.mp3 --- 3.6M
La Mama Diva --- anavoog-lamamadiva.mp3 --- 3.2M
12 (shine on) --- ana_voog-12_{shine_on}.mp3 --- 78K
Shine On --- anavoog-shineon.mp3 --- 75K
I Was Waving At You --- anavoog-iwaswavingatyou.mp3 --- 9.4M

The Blue Up? - SpooL Forka Dish

Please --- The_Blue_Up-Please.mp3 --- 365K
Shine --- the blue up - spool forka dish - shine.mp3 --- 3.6M
Breathe You Out --- the blue up - spool forka dish - breathe_you_out.mp3 --- 3.0M
Feel Me Dying --- the blue up - spool forka dish - feel_me_dying.mp3 --- 3.4M
Sugar And Gold --- the blue up - spool forka dish - sugar_and_gold.mp3 --- 4.0M
Blasting XTC --- the blue up - spool forka dish - blasting_xtc.mp3 --- 2.9M
Other --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-other.mp3 --- 308K
Capture This --- the blue up - spool forka dish - capture_this.mp3 --- 3.8M
Six At 9 --- the blue up - spool forka dish - six_at_9.mp3 --- 91K
Spoons For Seven --- the blue up - spool forka dish - spoons_for_seven.mp3 --- 3.3M
Eat It 2 --- the blue up - spool forka dish - eat_it_2.mp3 --- 276K
Come Alive --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-comealive.mp3 --- 1.7M
Exhibitionist --- the blue up - spool forka dish - exhibitionist.mp3 --- 3.6M
Your Boat --- the blue up - spool forka dish - your_boat.mp3 --- 604K
Beautiful Hysterical --- the blue up - spool forka dish - beautiful_hysterical.mp3 --- 6.6M
Icing --- theblueup-spoolforkadish-icing.mp3 --- 968K

The Blue Up? - Cake And Eat It

Gena 5/Master Control --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-gena5-mastercontrol.mp3 --- 698K
Discovery --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-discovery.mp3 --- 2.8M
Come Alive --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-comealive.mp3 --- 1.7M
Deep --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-deep.mp3 - 110K
Breathe You Out --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-breatheyouout.mp3 --- 2.7M
Give Me That Key --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-givemethatkey.mp3 --- 2.2M
Fall Over --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-fallover.mp3 --- 1.7M
Operating Table --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-operatingtable.mp3 --- 267K
Disappear --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-disappear.mp3 --- 2.3M
Bite --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-bite.mp3 --- 171K
Boris The Spider --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-boristhespider.mp3 --- 1.8M
Flaring Pieces --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-flaringpieces.mp3 --- 168K
Pitch Shift --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-pitchshift.mp3 --- 360K
Do I Want To --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-doiwantto.mp3 --- 1.3M
I Won't --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-iwont.mp3 --- 2.7M
Hiss --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-hiss.mp3 --- 100K
How Can You? --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-howcanyou.mp3 --- 1.9M
Dolls/Horse Radish --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-dolls-horseradish.mp3 --- 1.8M
Flying --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-flying.mp3 --- 2.4M
Watching --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-watching.mp3 --- 1.8M
Tuesday --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-tuesday.mp3 --- 2.5M
Late Tea --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-latetea.mp3 --- 295K
Let Go --- theblueup-cakeandeatit-letgo.mp3 --- 2.5M

The Blue Up? - Introducing Sorrow

Introducing Sorrow / Dreams Are Real --- Ana_Voog_Introducing_Sorrow_and_Dreams_are_Real.mp3 --- 5.9M
With Furry And Thread --- Ana_Voog_With_Furry_and_Thread.mp3 --- 2.2M
Meadows Of Furry --- Ana_Voog_Meadows_of_Furry.mp3 --- 2.9M
Ripped To Shreds --- Ana_Voog_Ripped_to_Shreds.mp3 --- 3.5M
Where Is Day --- Ana_Voog_Where_is_Day.mp3 --- 4.0M
Sgt. Sorrow --- Ana_Voog_Sgt_Sorrow.mp3 --- 3.4M
Through The Sun --- Ana_Voog_Through_the_Sun.mp3 --- 4.1M
Never Understood --- Ana_Voog_Never_Understood.mp3 17-Nov-2004 19:50 2.6M
Animal Sea --- Ana_Voog_Animal_Sea.mp3 --- 2.4M

thanks to btripp for making all these links for me :)


Thank You for these!!! I plan to listen to each one. I love your art/music so much.


Oh goody. :p If it isn't a bother or whatever, could I have a copy of the lyrics for the song Exhibitionist? Thanks.

Of course, I already have the first three on CD, your solo from when I bought it after hearing songs on Radio K, and the other two from a couple years of diligent Cheapo browsing.

One Question: I thought Introducing Sorrow was you initial solo effort, but maybe I am mistaken. I guess that isn't really a question. Oh well...

My favorite discovery ever though was The Blue Up? cover of Pink Turns to Blue. I don't have the original compilation album, but it magically appeared on my hard drive while I looked at the old AudioGalaxy website before they got shut down...

Re: Very Nice...

introducing sorrow was my 1st full length record.
and before that there was a 5 song EP called now and then before that was a 7" single

ANA ...

It really sucks that not only did the record company not offer the "anavoog.com" domain to you, but they handled it in such a way that some sleazy squatter group ended up wtih it!

I mean, it would be one thing if it just pointed off to the record company's main site (as is the case frequently with older movies' URLs), but to just drop it (thus letting the vultures have at it), without letting you have a heads-up shot at picking it up, is really obnoxious. I don't suppose, either, that the squatters that have that "search page" up there would let it go for less than an arm and leg. Bummer.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

ana, thank you so much!! This is such a lovely gift! i did not know The Blue Up? at all - i had gone away to Ohio - only annavoog.com which i discovered when anglesnakedance was charting on radio k. so i am soooo excited to now hear these and know these!

Thank you so much for posting these here. I got them from your website, but I'm sure that many people have not. Now they have that opportunity.

I love your music. You have enough creative talent for ten people, I think, and those people would be remarkable, too.

I hope more people end up listening to all this wonderful music and appreciating your talent.

Is there an unbleeped version of Please God?

i'd like a "dirty" version myself.

Re: .. ana Expand
Thanks so much for sharing these Ana :)

dude... you rawk
dig it
thanks for the music.. YIPPPEEE!

having high-speed would make downloading and listening to all these so much easier. *sighs wearily* :)

Yay! i lost a bunch of your albums i downloaded awhile ago when my old hard drive crashed.
i am grateful. :)

yay for ana songs! wheeeeee! :)

oopsies.. i meant grateful for the song links (don't want it to sound as though i'm grateful for the hard drive crash--i'm still pondering its significance). :)

great gifts: from btripp to you + you to us
thanks :)
lots of listening to look forward to...

Seriously some of the best music ever!