ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

weird childhood "visions"

did you ever see weird surreal things as a child that seemed like they should be in a dream or a nightnare yet you know you were totally awake when you saw it, and it was like something out of the movie beetleguise?

i saw 2 weird things that scared the living crap out of me.
my parents said i was just having a nightmare but i know i was awake.

the 1st thing i saw is what looked like toilet plungers on my wall of different lengths.
all suctioned to the wall and they were swaying back and forth at different speeds and each one had a round coloured knob at the end.
it was like something from a willie wonka dr. seuss nightmare.
i called them "the boing boings" and i had to sleep with the light on for a weak after that.

then another thing i saw was a huge iron box riveted together, about 4 feet tall. it was on wheels.
it was right next to my bed and it had a huge dark hole ripped in it and a bamboo pole came out of this hole and floated over my bed and then out my window. and on the pole hung different sizes of human skulls.

then it just disappeared.

i don't know how old i was when i saw these. maybe 8?

i've never seen anything like it since (thank god).
but i can't help but wondering to this day just what in the heck any of that was about.
and wondering if anything ever happened like this to you.

my brother used to see things he called "the dark men" and another type of being that he called 'the huh-huhs"
the huh huhs were ok, i think, and only came up to him and made these weird jerking movements will saying "huh-huh! huh-huh!"
but the darkmen were not good.

i never saw either of these.

i think i saw a ghost in that house, too.
and my mom said she saw the ghost of an indian in her room once.
it stood at the foot of her bed and there was like a great wind in the room.
when my mom woke up she said the drapes had blown off the rods in a weird way, even tho the window had been closed.

that was a weird house.
maybe it was the house.

still....i just have never known anyone to see things like multicoloured toilet plungers on their wall.
or anything like that, that is just so nonsensical.
and that metal box was so salvador dali.

and no i still do nto buy the "childhood imagination" thing or that "i was asleep" thing.
i know i was awake. i know the difference between being awake and not awake, even if i was a child.
and ya, i have a good imagination, but these were not out of my imagination, i can tell you that much.


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