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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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earth's largest fake buffalo and my $3 hat (made in mexico)
iconz by rouk

"Bison once roamed from Canada to Mexico, grazing the great plains and frequenting the mountain areas of the North American continent. Their number being so great that the early explorers could not count them, describing them as "number-numberless," and "the country was one black robe" and the "plains were black and appeared as if in motion" with the herds of bison. The most commonly used estimate of their former numbers is approximately 60 million."


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I love buffaloes. There's a (considerably smaller) paper-maché buffalo next to Caffé Driade in Chapel Hill, and it always makes me so happy when I go there.

i love the pic with the buffalo! so cute!

he's awesome! and look at the size of his cojones!

"early explorers could not count them"
sometimes our current world makes me sad....
that's a great photo though.

I'm glad, for your sake, that bison is fake! It's rather impressive, though. Yikes!

Love that photograph of you with the hat. Who's the creature over on the right side of the picture?


I find it funny how when the early tribes hunted these great buities the only selected the weak and sickly.. and the only took the ones that were offered after great ceramony and prayer.. What amaises me to this dayis the fact that the tribes when takening down a great thing only ensured to take what couldn't naturaly survive, Much like a wolf or other traditional preditors,.. plus when they huynted for the flesh of our great brothers,.. they ensured that not a drop was spilled on sacred soil,.. and every thing,.. I mean everything was used for some purpose,.. from the neural matter top the bones,.. everything was used and everything was treated as though it was a gift that would never be granted unto them again. It sadens me when I think that modern humanity hunt for sport,.. not for survival,.. and that the thrill of the hunt is not a ritual honering those who Die so that you can live another day,.. but a simple sadistic desire to taste that which cannot be easily had with out a tool that changes the ods to their enhanced fgavor. I am Glad for one thing though.. Our great brothren,.. while having had suffered a massive loss,.. have not gone quitely into the Wasitchu's Lies and fears,.. and are still very alive,.. just not nearly as in numbers of old. What I do love is the fact that many Biologists, and ecologists have provin the value of a herd of Bison vs cattle.. Bison as massive and over whelming as they are are less impactful to thier natural environmnet then simple cattle. Plus its been proven that all one needs to rais Bison is a plot of land in nearly most natural conditions.. one doesn't have to terraform,.. alter of change anything,.. save adding ones herd to the land. Cattle,.. require 90% of the Natural Flora to be stripped in order to survive.. the species has become too domestocated and in the end much like the wasitchu,.. a waste of flesh poluting and destroying the land they live on. I am glad that their are still groups willing to fight to rehabilitate the land by reintroducing Bison unto the natural environment. Time,.. Time is all their is till these once great ones return... time,.. and the awakening of the Wasitchu and their understanding of the damage they have and are doing to their ancesters and to each other.. Ironicly,.. they were not quite as large,... though one has been measured to be an Average of 12' in height.. which is alone a massive entity unto itself...

It is good to see others accepting and understanding their buity... give time for they are not all lost,.. just protected...


north dakota


We get to see real buffalo (or "bison") over in Catalina. They were brought there for a movie ("The Vanishing American") a long time ago (1920's - there were 14 of them originally)and were just "let loose". We were on a 1/2-day tour of the island and one was standing in front of the bus on the road. We had to just wait for it to move.


Oh, some of the animals on Catalina (98 of them) were shipped to North Dakota. I think the Morongo Indians paid for that out of their casino winnings.


i recall seeing buffaloes when i was out in montana & wyoming when i was about... 7. i have a video somewhere with me in the background singing, "oh give me a home, where the buffalo roaaaam.." from that trip.

and you look adorable in the hat.

i know you have a special bond with your bear spirit guide, but i think you have found your new totem :)))

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